Modern Air Conditioning Technology in action!

“Electroklima”, the pioneer of air conditioning in Greece.

Η ELECTROKLIMA, since 1979, one of the most dynamic companies in the sector of Air Conditioning – Heating – Ventilation (HVAC) – Control of every building construction, we provide reliable and integrated energy solutions adapted to the needs and requirements of each installation, creating the buildings of the future.

We guarantee, as pioneers in the field of air conditioning, high level services with the ability to deal with the most complex technical issues!

Our goal is energy efficiency, economy and comfort in buildings of special conditions of any size and use. We provide design, study, procurement, installation, supervision and technical support of air conditioning, heating, ventilation and automation systems. Our many years of successful experience, professionalism and innovative services at a technological and technical level always leave our stamp on every project!

Our motto and vision: We make buildings talk

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